Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trip to the Bay Area

Earlier this month I took a little trip to the Bay Area with my bf and his sister during a window of free time between school and work.  I haven't been there since I was 8 years old so it was almost like visiting it for the first time!  San Jose was alright, quiet and quaint mostly, but San Francisco was the best city I've visited in a long time!

In San Jose we mostly just visited my bf's old friends since that's where he's from.  One of his friends took us on lovely little trail with a great view.  I thought that was such a nice change from the usual boba shop/restaurant meet ups people normally do!
unfortunately I forgot the name of this trail
We spent almost 2 days in San Fran.  Mostly doing the regular tourist thing... we spent the bulk of our time in Chinatown where we bought some awesome egg tarts,  also visited Castro street of course and had dinner at Tartine!  We lucked out on parking since we came during off-peak hours and had a yummy croque monsier with the best chocolate pudding I've ever eaten. 5/5 stars.
it was almost mousse-like actually!
And the next night we went to Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences, which if anybody who reads this ever gets the opportunity should go to!  Basically every Thursday night the museum gets roped off to only 21 and up, they bring in djs and bartenders and basically it's just a fun adults night at the gorgeous museum!   The rainforest, aquarium, planetarium blend reminded me a lot of a condensed form of Moody Gardens, for any Texan folk.   I loved it, definitely will make a return trip next time I'm up.


  1. That chocolately pudding thing looks ridiculously AMAZING. Even though it's just a picture, I can tell it tastes delicious. :P

    1. Thank really was!!