Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goodbye to a close friend

One of my best friends moved 8 hours away from me not very long ago.  I'm still pretty bummed knowing that trips see to each other will now by few and far between, but that's life isn't it? Everyone moves away eventually...  But at least our last weekend spent together was a lot of fun!  We went out to explore new places in our college town that we had never gotten around to doing.

We saw new trails and new sights!

It was great weather so we decided to eat lunch at this beach!

At night, we ended up watching the entire series of Detroit Metal City, which is an anime about a sweet, feminine boy who dreams of being a pop star but ends up having to work as a crude and vulgar heavy metal rocker instead.  The animation and art style is nothing to write home about, but the irony of the story is entertaining enough to keep you going.

Other than that, no new news worth reporting so I'll bring this post to an end.  Hope y'all all have a great Valentines day (whether you like the holiday or not)!


  1. With technology these days, it's quite easy to keep in touch with each other :) It's good that you guys spent such a memorable day together though.


    1. true! but I feel like no skype chat can ever compare to actually spending a day out with a friend, you know what I mean?

  2. Oy, it sure is a bummer when a close friend moves far away from you. But I'd like to think distance makes the heart grow fonder and you guys will appreciate each other more, because of that. :)

    These pictures are lovely! I love how there are NO people in the beach picture. The beaches around me are always full of people so I can never get a good picture of the beach with out anybody in it.

    1. yeah, I think you might be right about the appreciation thing :3

      And thank you! Beaches here get really crowded as well, especially during summer vacation. But this beach in particular is a special hidden local beach, you really have to know how to find it to get there!

  3. Beautiful photos you've got there!

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving so far away. I'd be bummed. I don't have a lot of friends.. We speak online a lot but not face to face.