Monday, August 5, 2013

LA adventures

This summer has been so busy for me! Work and school has left me with little free-time so I've been a little pooped! I'm so glad one of my classes is ending this week... as much as I love art history I need some down time to go unwind on the beach.

One of my other classes is all the way in LA and since I normally don't get scheduled to work afterwards, I've decided to make the most of that and check out new parts of the city after class.  It's normally the highlight of my week now!  I've discovered many affordable new thrift stores and boutiques, lots of cute cafes, and explored art galleries and museums- one of my favorite things to do.

This was from my favorite wing in the Norton Simon Museum- I absolutely love 18th century art!

A small segment of the giant Arcadia Botanical Gardens.  Gorgeous place for a walk, this little pic doesn't do it justice!
One of the many cafes I've tried out has been the Trails cafe.  I knew I had to see it after reading about it on The Selby, one of my favorite design websites!  Their famed eggs in a basket was all sold out, but their avocado sandwich was pretty great... and their pie!  So worth the price, it's a heaping slice of it! I regret not taking any pictures of my own there, so I encourage you to check out their Selby photo article instead!

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