Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mori Girl Style

My grueling finals are OVER, I can finally get back to spending time on the internet guilt free :)

This Autumn and Winter I've become quite interested in mori girl style!  It has a very romantic-woodsy-fairytale appeal with a dash of mysteriousness.  I've had a lot of fun sketching out characters and sketches that are "forest girl" inspired although I myself am not sure if I'd want to make a big closet makeover into total mori girl.  Seeing it on other people and using it as an influence in character design is one thing, but wearing shapeless below-the-knee dresses 24/7 is something I'm not sure I can commit to.  Maybe a couple of pieces here and there will suffice for me.
Typical mori girl, for example.
Instead, beyond the clothing style, what I'm enjoying most out of this trend is finding mori girl inspired home decor.  I used to be strictly clean-cut contemporary home design only kind of gal, but suddenly I've found newfound appreciation for rustic accents and shabby cottage inspired interiors.   I love the idea of having lush green plants growing all about the house and I'm trying to come up with a way to introduce this home decor style to the half-room I rent at school, but it's been tough.  Maybe I'll post a couple of pictures for a room tour of sorts and see if any reader might have any suggestions :)  But that'll have to wait until I go back in January because for now I am home free for the holidays!
mori style living room, super cute!


  1. Oh, I love this aesthetic! I had no idea it was called moro, but it's great to put a name to a face!

    d a n i e l l e |

    1. love it too, thanks for dropping by! :)