Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The start of the holiday season!

I did some online shopping at the end of October, and nearly two weeks later my tights finally came in the mail!  I got one "tattoo tight" with a bone print on them that I really like and a pair of "faux-suspender" stockings with little transparent polka dots that don't show up in the picture. 

I don't normally wear shoes inside, but for picture's sake I broke the rule.
I gotta admit, when I first got the tattoo tights in the mail I was a little disappointed that the material was actually an opaque nude tight instead of transparent, but they were so comfortable once I tried them on that I decided I didn't care!  I wore them out today and got some nice compliments so that also makes it all the better :)

Christmas decorations from when I was walking around at the beach! I love this time of year!
So besides new tights I actually had a really social past weekend, despite the impending finals.  Jesse's roommates and friends cooked up an amazing Mexican dinner on Friday followed by hours of hot tub, and Saturday evening after class was my roommates' Thanksgiving pot luck.  We had some high school kids try (multiple times) to crash with beer as a peace offering, I guess it looked like we were having some raging house party from outside but it was actually a pretty mild-mannered gathering, lol.

And finally, at long last, I'm on Thanksgiving break.  Going to try to have an awesome, yet still productive (final projects due in 3 more weeks) long weekend!

Take care!


  1. I like the tattoo tights even though it's opaque, it looks awesome :D
    Happy Thanksgiving~


    1. thank you! hope you had a lovely holiday as well!