Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, but it's always been a bummer to have it thrown on a school day.... especially in college when classes can last all night up until 10pm :(  So instead, I went out with the bf yesterday to Downtown Disney! It was the perfect weather for walking around and checking out the seasonal store fronts.  My favorite is the candy apple store, I love watching them make the Halloween apples!
A Snow White poison apple along with many Jacks.  Disney loves to break out the Tim Burton stuff in October.

Not as many people out in costume as I thought there'd be, except for a couple of really cute toddler princesses.  And these two cool tourist girls pictured below:
They were so nice too!
Afterwards we came home and carved our pumpkin we picked out earlier this month.  We had planned to carve Totoro onto it but it was just too small for that so we carved the white chibi Totoro instead!

Hope everyone had a spooky and safe evening tonight!


  1. The Halloween candy looks so fun and delicious! The skull candy apple kind of reminds me of Snow White, where her evil stepmother would dip the apple in the pot and the juice would momentarily show up as a skull face. xD

    Haha that's the cutest pumpkin carving ever. They long shape of the pumpkin really works with the image.

    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  2. Those Halloween apples are awesome! I definitely want to make that next year. Come to think of it, I didn't even get to carve pumpkins... Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween!

  3. That's really cool and cute! Downtown Disney? I didn't even know that existed! Is it like a free place, or is it expensive like Disney World? o.o

    Hope you had a fun Halloween! :)

    1. it's a free open-air Disney themed shopping plaza right at the entrance of the Disney park!