Sunday, October 21, 2012

Make Up Collection

Ok, so "collection" may be a stretch... I always try to hit pan before buying a new product (budget reasons), so it's a relatively small collection of make up.  But since I love seeing other blogger's make-up collections, I thought I'd do the same!

1. Betsey Johnson and Too Faced make-up bags.  Used when traveling, but for now they hold an assortment of Lancome's Juicy Tubes, Smashbox's Primer, mascaras, etc.
2.  Moroccan Oil.  Not make-up, but on the shelf anyways.  Very important to keep my ombre tips from drying out.
3. Physician's Formula Happy Booster blush in Rose.
4. Laura Mercier's translucent powder.
5. My make-up brushes.  Most are from Sephora and Too Faced.
6. Lancome blush in Aplum.
7. Josie Maran's Argan Blend concealer.
8. Some drugstore eyeshadow palettes.
9. Lancome eyeshadows in Drama, Pink Zinc, and Pink Pearls.
10. Mabelline's Fit Me foundation (I've just about run out of this).
11. My moisturizers for day(Olay), night (Lumene), and eye cream (L'Oreal).

 So there it all is, pretty basic for the most part.  But in other news, I love how my new bathroom has a closet inside of it.  Now instead of stashing my make-up and brushes under the sink, I can organize them at eye-level on that little shelf!


  1. How are you liking the Laura Mercier translucent powder? I have used their tinted moisturizer for a long time and I always wanted to try the powder but I was hesitant to since my skin (for some reason) doesn't like powders!

    Hello Kitty!!!

    1. I like it a lot actually! I have a pretty shiny t-zone, so I always have to finish off my foundations with a powder, and Laura Mercier's seems to do the trick :)

  2. It's all so neatly organized & out for display! I love it!

    1. haha, thanks! it makes for easy grabbing when I'm rushing to get ready in the morning!