Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Swatches of all my green eyeshadows!

I might be taking this blog in a more cosmetic-focused direction!

I've been on a green eyeshadow kick lately, so I figured I'd share swatches of my little collection.  These swatches show the eyeshadow over Pixie Epoxy on the left half, and bare skin on the right half.

From top to bottom:

Brija Cosmetics "Brave", a blue toned emerald.  Just bought this gorgeous shadow! I was surprised at how blue it is. 
Shiro Cosmetics's Diggy Diggy Hole, brown-green duochrome.  I get compliments on this one all the time!

Brija Cosmetics "Zelena", grass-green and copper.  The least shimmery of the bunch, I think this one looks best over Pixie Epoxy because it really brings out the copper bits.

Femme Fatale's The Dreamer, olive and lime duochrome. This one is really sheer without a tacky base!  I normally use this color to layer on top of others.

Dawn Eye Cosmetic's "Gold Gilded Blue".  Technically a blue but green enough to count, right?  This color is so beautiful, but I find it's really hard to wear as a look. 

AFK Cosmetic's "Wonderflonium".  This is a frosty pastel green, but for some reason it shows up very blue in my photo.  Maybe it's from the flash back? 

Top to Bottom: Brija's Brave, Shiro's Diggy Diggy Hole, Brija's Zelena

Brija's Zelena, Femme Fatale's The Dreamer, Dawn Eyes' Gold Gilded Blue
Femme Fatale's The Dreamer, Dawn Eyes Gold Gilded Blue, AFK's Wonderflonium

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