Sunday, June 8, 2014

Room "tour"!

I love seeing photo tours of peoples rooms, so since I'm moving out of my current place in just a couple of months, I figured now's the time to show you where I've been sleeping for the past few years.

It's a college students room, so it's just second hand furniture with a tiny decor budget, but I don't think it's too bad when you take those things into consideration!

The bed!  Origami cranes on one wall, art on the other.  As you can see, it's barely brushing my desk- not a whole lot of wiggle room!
My beat-up desk.  I have string lights coming down from across my entire wall, the last picture couldn't capture them in the frame.

It's a pretty small room and I only get half of it since I have a roommate, but rent in these parts isn't cheap so you do what you can :)  There's really not a whole lot of spaces within it to take pictures of and officially call this a real tour, but y'all get it!

What I especially like about my room is the lighting.  The rooms I've rented at in previous apartment complexes and the rooms I've lived in at my parents place both have really poor natural light during the day.  Not only that but I've also never really had strong enough lighting in my previous rooms at night either due to lack of ceiling lights.  However, this place actually has a proper ceiling light plus my string lights so I can get plenty of brightness and no eye-strain once the sun goes down!

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